“If you don’t work for your dreams, someone will hire you to work for theirs”

Steve Jobs, Apple Founder

We identify your situation and advise you

Do you already have an idea and you just need to find a partner? Looking to co-found but still don’t have a team or an idea? Each case is different. Tell us and we will offer you different alternatives.

If you don’t have an idea…

We connect you with the best business ideas and your potential entrepreneurial partners.

If you already have an idea…

We look for other entrepreneurs with a skillset complementary to yours, and we ensure that they share your values, vision, and your professional ambition.

We start your project together

We know that beginnings are difficult. Don’t worry, we take care of incorporating your first professionals.

We grow and evolve with you

We go hand in hand. We make sure that you have the talent you need at all times, and we help you scale your business from a people point of view.

Team of Founders Connected by Nuclio Talent


Casum es la manera inteligente de comprar una casa cuando no puedes acceder a una hipoteca. Con una aportación inicial del 5% del precio de la compra, un inversor de la red de Casum comprará el resto. Se pagará un alquiler por la parte que no se sea propietario y se podrá comprar el resto de la vivienda cuando se quiera.



Profe.com mejora la nota de los estudiantes: conectamos alumnos con dificultades académicas y tutores expertos a través de una plataforma interactiva. Además, los padres reciben feedback del progreso de su hijo a través de un panel de control parental. Todo eso de manera fácil, cómoda y rápida.



Apply to one of our OFFERS for entrepreneurs and we will take care of connecting you with the best entrepreneurial partners and with the best business ideas.


If you already have an idea and you just need to find your potential partner, write to us and we will take care of finding your ideal business partner.

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