Nuclio Venture Builder: Nuclio Venture Builder is one of the most recognized and successful Venture Builders in the country. It offers its entrepreneurs support in the investment search, corporate services, salary, equity and support in all company phases. Nuclio has co-founded companies such as Housfy, Typs, Finteca/Prohipotecas, Verone, Eelptex, Casum or Nuclio Digital School. Today, it is not only recognized for the success of its companies, but also for having access to one of the largest networks of investors, advisors and digital talent nationwide. Its main event for attracting co-founders is the Nuclio Weekend, a bi-annual event that receives more than 4,000 applications in 2 months and brings together a total of 50 top-level digital entrepreneurs or managers with the aim of starting new startups or joining successful digital projects (an event that, by the way, we have been organizing for some time!).

Nuclio Digital School: Nuclio Digital School is today one of the most important digital business schools in the country. It provides face-to-face and streaming courses to train its students in practically all the relevant disciplines within the digital ecosystem (CDO, Digital Product Management, B2B Sales, Traffic Management, Data Science, Fullstack Development, Digital Talent Management…). The school trains thousands of professionals every year, and at Nuclio Talent we take care of connecting them with the best opportunities and companies in the market.

Conector Accelerator: Conector is a startup accelerator that through its acceleration program helps take the companies in its portfolio to the next level. It is characterized by its training method, its system of alliances with large corporations (Porsche, Bankia, Seat, Abanca, Novartis…) and above all by having one of the most important networks of mentors in the country (made up of hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and top level managers). Among the companies that have passed through its programs, companies such as Glovo, Meller, Kompyte or Goi stand out.
Co-founded and led by some of the best entrepreneurs, investors and managers in the country, including our Chairman, Carlos Blanco, who holds the position of Co-Founder and Vice President. Tech Barcelona is a private non-profit association whose mission is to position Barcelona as one of the main Technology Hubs at an international level. Today, it represents more than 1,000 companies (as well as investors and government entities) and has become the main point of reference for the digital economy of the city.
First Tuesday: First Tuesday is a monthly event that is characterized by being one of the largest meeting points for entrepreneurs and digital investors in the country. In this event (the first Tuesday of each month) a successful entrepreneur or investor is interviewed by Carlos Blanco (our Chairman) with the aim that other people interested in the world of investment or entrepreneurship can acquire knowledge and learn from the of the experiences and the experiences of some of the great “gurus” of the digital ecosystem of our country.